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January 21, 2021

Fedora 33 screen shot

How to Install Wine on Fedora
Workstation 33

and on Fedora 33 Games.

Not tested, but should also apply to other Fedora 33 Spins and Labs distributions.

Enable sudo?

When I went to install Wine on Fedora 33 Games, I found that I was not authorized to use sudo, so, here is the procedure to grant yourself the right to use sudo, in case you need it.

To see if you already are authorized to use sudo, open a terminal window and issue the following command.

$ sudo echo 'Hello'

If, after accepting your password, "Hello" is displayed, you are authorized to use sudo, and you can skip to the next section, "Update in preparation for installing Wine". Otherwise, login as superuser and add yourself to the wheel group (replacing "username" by your username, of course).

$ su -l
# usermod -aG wheel username

Log out of the root account and close the Terminal window.

# exit
$ exit

In order to activate membership in the wheel group for your user name, close any open apps and do a logout/login or Restart your computer.

When logged in again, you can use the following command to verify that you are enabled to use sudo.

$ sudo echo 'Hello'

Update in preparation for installing Wine

In a terminal window, issue the following two commands.

$ dnf check-update
$ sudo dnf upgrade

Add WineHQ's Fedora 33 repository

Continue by adding the repository.

$ sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Install Wine

The next command will install Wine Stable. If you prefer Wine Development or Wine Staging, replace winehq-stable with either winehq-devel or with winehq-staging.

At the time of this writing, Wine 6.0 Stable has recently been released, and all three of the above options install wine-6.0. Presumably this will change as development and staging versions become available.

$ sudo dnf install winehq-stable

Verify the installation succeeded

$ wine --version

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