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Essays on Understanding and Using Wine

Understanding Wine

A non-technical overview of Wine and its uses. If you are new to Wine and unsure of what is going on, this essay is for you.

Installing Windows Apps on Linux Using Wine

Once Wine is installed, here is how to create and initialize a Wine prefix and how to install and uninstall Windows apps. Also included is a list of Wine commands.

libfaudio0 for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04

For Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 and some of their derivatives, the required package libfaudio0 is not included in the installation repository, hence libfaudio0 must be installed manually prior to installing Wine for Wine 4.5 and later. Read this article for easy ways to get the missing libfaudio0.

Installing CSS HTML Validator on Linux Using Wine

CSS HTML Validator has been my tool of choice for editing and validating HTML pages for over two decades. CSS HTML Validator is a Windows app, and, initially, I worked in Windows. When I moved to Linux, I found it easy to take CSS HTML Validator with me. This tutorial shows how I did it.

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