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About Wine

If you are not familiar with Wine (or maybe even if you are), you may find the article Understanding Wine helpful.

A more complete reference is the WineHQ Wine User's GuideNew Window Icon.



Wine ArchWikiNew Window Icon   (Manjaro is derived from Arch Linux)


All Terminal commands in this document have been validated by copy/paste from this document into a Terminal window and executed. Consider arranging your browser window and your Terminal window side by side in order to copy/paste the Terminal commands.

To install Wine, start here

Manjaro includes Wine with other optional software additions, so begin by opening Add/Remove Software and searching with the keyword "Wine". For a complete installation, select the following packages.

  • Wine
  • Wine Mono — a substitute for Microsoft's .NET Framework
  • Wine Geko — a substitute for Microsoft's Internet Explorer
  • Winetricks — an app with a graphical interface for working with Wine

After selecting the above, click Install and Apply.

When asked, accept the offer to install Kdialog: GUI for KDE desktop.

As soon as installation of all packages is complete, open a Terminal window and issue the following command to verify a successful installation.

$ wine --version

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