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How to Install Wine on Fedora
Workstation 32

and on Fedora 32 Games.

Not tested, but should also apply to other Fedora 32 Spins and Labs distributions.


In a terminal window, issue the following two commands.

$ dnf check-update
$ sudo dnf upgrade

Add WineHQ's Fedora 32 repository

Continue by adding the repository.

$ sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Install Wine

The next command will install the latest Wine Development. At the time of this writing, installing winehq-stable fails with error message "No match for argument: winehq-stable".

If you prefer Wine Staging, replace winehq-devel with winehq-staging. If you really want Wine Stable, specify winehq-stable to see if it works.

$ sudo dnf install winehq-devel

Verify the installation succeeded

$ wine --version