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September 16, 2021

Zorin OS 15 Core and Lite screen shot

How to Install Wine on Zorin OS 15

Tested using Zorin OS 15 Core
Expected to apply to Zorin OS 15 Pro & Lite


Part I   Installing the latest versions of Wine

Install and configure Wine 6.x and later

Part II   Zorin's Wine and Windows App Support

Windows Snaps

Windows App Support and Wine 4.0.3

Alternate ways to install Wine (not recommended)

Part I   The latest versions of Wine

Install and configure Wine 6.x and later

Optional Consider installing Zorin OS 15's Windows App Support before installing Wine 6.x or later, as that will preserve the option of installing Windows apps by right-clicking them. Skip this if you do not intend to use Zorin's Windows App Support.

After installing Wine 6.x or later If any earlier version of Wine was previously installed, it will be upgraded. Zorin's Windows App Support (if installed) remains fully functional.

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Part II   Zorin's Wine and Windows App Support

Windows Snaps

Zorin OS makes a number of Windows apps immediately available for installation. These are Snap packagesNew Window Icon which include Wine in order to enable the app to run under Linux. There is a chance that the Windows app you need is already available as a Snap. Click Zorin's software icon Zorin OS 15 Core software icon and do a search to find out.

Windows App Support and Wine 4.0.3

Windows App Support is a built-in feature integrating Wine into Zorin OS. Once activated, both Wine and Play on Linux are installed, and Windows apps can be installed by right-clicking an installation .exe or .msi file and selecting the Open With Install Windows Application option.

Before installing Wine, it is prudent to ensure the latest OS updates are installed. One way to do this is through the Updates tab of the Software app Zorin OS 15 Core software icon. Alternatively, use these Terminal commands.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

The following procedure will install Windows App Support and Wine Stable 4.0.3. Wine Development is not an option.

There are two ways to install Windows App Support and Wine Stable. One way uses the Software app.

Alternatively …

Whichever of these two procedures you follow …

The Zorin installed apps window showing the new Wine category

Verify the version of Wine that has been installed by opening a Terminal window and executing

$ wine --version

The default Wine configuration prepares Wine as a Windows 7 environment, which is good for some older Windows apps, but many contemporary apps will be better matched to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. In addition, other configuration options may be significant.

To bring up Wine's configuration panel, open a Terminal window and execute winecfg. When prompted, set your preferred version of Windows and accept all offers to install Mono and Gecko. If Mono and Gecko are not already installed, Mono will be downloaded and installed once, and Gecko will be downloaded and installed twice, once for 32-bit and again for 64-bit.

$ wine winecfg

Alternate ways to install wine (not recommended)

Wine Stable 4.0.3 and Wine Development 3.6-1 are offered, but see below for reasons not to do this.

To install either, click the Software icon Zorin OS 15 Core software icon and search for wine. The two versions of Wine, Wine and Wine (development version), will be toward the bottom of the search results page.

Another way is to open a Terminal window and execute either

$ sudo apt install wine-stable


$ sudo apt install wine-development

Why should you not do these?

Wine Stable 4.0.3 will install, but it's wine command is not properly configured, which leaves the installation non-functional.

The very ancient Wine Development 3.6-1 works, but Wine Mono and Wine Gecko are not installed, so Windows apps relying on Microsoft's .NET framework will not run, and neither will apps that render HTML.

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